Privacy policy

This page contains privacy policy for LOFI Control, LOFI Blocks and other app published by LOFI Robot.

1. The app connect with Arduino based robot by bluetooth 2.0 or bluetooth 4.0 to transmit data in order to control connected robot and receive robot sensors readings.
2. The app uses mobile device built-in accelerometer and gyroscope to measure device orientation in order to use it as coding data for robot control.
3. The app uses microphone input in order to measure its volume and use it to control robot. No audio is recorded by. the app.
4. The app does not access any other user personal data on the device and does not send it over the internet.
5. The app is capable to save files on the mobile device in its sandbox folder. The app does not access device filesystem elsewhere.

For any other info please contact the developer at: HALO@LOFIROBOT.COM